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20 Tips to Prevent Business eBanking Fraud

We wish it wasn’t true, but we see fraud or attempts to commit fraud daily. It seems the scams never end. Making sure your business is protected from hackers and scammers isn’t that hard if you put a few best practices into place for all of your staff with access to your online banking accounts.


Great Expectations Image
Great Expectations?

Just about every farm owner or manager, when asked, will tell you he or she is happy with the bank. If I can personalize that for a moment: Are you happy with your bank or are you simply not unhappy? Further, is this a question even worth thinking about? If you can’t...


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This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Farm Mortgage

The variety of options available today to fund the purchase or re-financing of farmland would make previous generations envious. Today’s low rate environment, combined with a range of available mortgage structures, offers a remarkable array of ways to improve your…


Ride the Power Image
Convergence - Ride the Power Wave

Three emerging macro trends have recently started to converge, which may provide you a unique opportunity to materially improve the financial position of your farm or ranch, if you act quickly. Any one of these trends is important in its own right, but the combination…


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Flexibility with “Farm” Financing

Do you have a small acreage farm in the country with a nice home, small barn and a few animals like a horse, a couple of goats, a few sheep and maybe some chickens? Would you like to lock in today’s remarkably low, long-term rates for as long as possible on that land?…


Image - Identity Was Stole
My Identity Was Stolen…Now What?

In this digital age, identity theft can happen to anyone despite your best efforts to prevent it. If you’ve been in the unfortunate situation where your personal information has been stolen, you know how violating and frustrating it can be. The good news is there…


Image - Open Multiple Savings Accounts
Is It Wise To Open Multiple Savings Accounts At The Same Bank To Allocate Savings?

Everyone knows it’s in your best financial interest to have both a savings and a checking account. While checking accounts are useful for daily spending and expenses, savings accounts are great for saving for larger purchases and investments that you may need more…


Financial Literacy for Your Children Image
Financial Literacy for Your Children

As a child transitions into their teen years, it is imperative they develop an early understanding of their personal finances. This discussion and lesson too frequently emerges as they graduate high school and enter the workforce or attend a college, where their…