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Is the stretch until payday just a little longer than your paycheck will reach? Does it seem like your next social security deposit just can't get here fast enough?

With Advance-It you can get your direct-deposited money two full days in advance of its actual deposit date! This is not a "payday" loan. There are no steep finance charges to pay with Advance-It!

All you need is a regularly timed payment date, and a minimum standard payment amount, and we can set you up to get your funds two days early, every time! And best of all IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Contact us today to start getting paid in advance with Advance-It!

Check Imaging

Who was that check made out to?

Forgot to record that information in your register?

Now you can see a copy of that check with McHenry Savings Bank online check images.

It's simple, quick, and included with our on-line banking service.

You no longer need to wait for that once a month statement to be delivered, no more time consuming phone calls to be made.

You can view the front and back of the check and even print on your own printer!

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit means immediate availability of your money - no waiting for that
out-of-state check to clear!

Direct Deposit means a safe way to deposit funds into your account - no checks
to carry to the bank!

Direct Deposit means not having to run to the bank with a deposit slip - it's
automatic, convenient and totally confidential!

Best of all, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE! Why else would you want to deposit your
paycheck, social security, pension, investment or insurance funds any other way?

For more information, or to set up your direct deposit with McHenry Savings Bank, visit one of our banking locations and speak to a customer service representative today.