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 McHenry Savings Bank would like to warn its electronic banking customers about a growing Internet mail scam commonly known as "Phishing". Phishing occurs when malicious individuals send out thousands of bogus emails that look like legitimate businesses or organizations. These emails usually request confidential financial information such as PINs, account numbers, Social Security numbers, user names, or passwords. The emails may also contain a link to a phony website that may look similar to ours, and would ask for confidential information. The criminals then use the newly obtained confidential information to steal a person's identity or to access a customer's account.


Similar in nature to e-mail phishing, pharming seeks to obtain personal or private (usually financial related) information through domain spoofing. Rather than being spammed with malicious and mischievous e-mail requests for you to visit spoof Web sites which appear legitimate, pharming 'poisons' a DNS server by infusing false information into the DNS server, resulting in a user's request being redirected elsewhere. Your browser, however will show you are at the correct Web site, which makes pharming a bit more serious and more difficult to detect. Phishing attempts to scam people one at a time with an e-mail while pharming allows the scammers to target large groups of people at one time through domain spoofing.

Although McHenry Savings Bank has not been a victim of this scam, we believe it prudent to warn our customers about this fraudulent practice. McHenry Savings Bank never solicits confidential customer information by email or by telephone. If you receive a "Phishing" e-mail sent under our name, please forward it to

Identity Theft

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. It is a serious crime that can wreak havoc with your finances, credit history, and reputation – and it can take time, money, and patience to resolve. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, prepared a guide to help you repair the damage that identity theft can cause, and reduce the risk of identity theft happening to you.

To learn more, download the full Federal Trade Commission's "Taking Charge - What to do if your idenity is stolen" PDF here.

Be assured that McHenry Savings Bank takes every precaution to protect our valued customers' confidential information.

Learn to protect yourself from Identity Theft.
McHenry Savings Bank can help.
Visit the FTC's Identity Theft website.
Identity Theft Video

Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Card

In case of lost or stolen card, please contact one of our branch locations immediately.

If you need to report a lost or stolen card after banking hours, call the MSB Main Financial Center at 815-385-3000 and leave a message with your name, date and time of call, and issue regarding your card. A Customer Service Representative will call you the next regular business day to assist you in further protecting your accounts. Please refer to your Electronic Funds Availability Disclosure for consumer rights.

If you are planning a trip out of the country or using your ATM/Debit card for international purchases, it will be necessary to notify the bank. McHenry Savings Bank has added an additional security feature to protect your purchases.
Please contact Customer Service at 815-385-3000 or email us prior to traveling or shopping outside of the United States.

IMPORTANT EMAIL NOTICE: Because there is a small risk that information transmitted via the Internet email could fall into the wrong hands, we suggest that confidential information, such as account number or social security numbers, not be transmitted via email. Instead please contact us directly at 815-385-3000.

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