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Privacy & Scams and Fraud Alerts

There are a growing number of fraud-related schemes associated with the Coronavirus Global Epidemic. We ask that you take care and please be vigilant to verify the legitimacy of any organization or individual who is asking you to provide them with sensitive data, personally identifiable information and/or money. Beware that criminals use email, websites, phone calls, text messages and even fax messages for their scams. Remember, if we reach out to you, we will never ask for confidential information such as your name, password, personal identification number (PIN) or other account information. If you didn't initiate a call to a business, simply call the business yourself to VERIFY they were indeed the one who reached out to you prior to sharing any information over the phone, via text, on websites, etc. You can read more about how to protect yourself by visiting the website.

So, while we all work together during this stressful time, please be patient with us if we ask more questions to verify your identity (particularly when you call in).

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